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 I think this is gonna be my last entry for a while.  I don't really feel like blogging any more, but maybe I'll come back.  I think I'm going on vacation, like, for a long time.

For the record, Adrian Veidt is an asshole.  Even if he is right, he's still an asshole.  And I don't care who knows it.  Yeah, I said it.  We're so NOT FRIENDS anymore.

It's my journal, I'll say what I want.  Don't like it?  Tough.  Come and get me, punk.

Feeling better...
Laurie came to visit.  Ok, I brought her here.  I admit it, I miss Earth a little bit.

We had a good talk.  I think we're back together-- phew.  Well, up until the point where I brought up her dad, and she kind of freaked out.  Which is why I say i think we're back together.  Man, I am an idiot. I'm so bad at talking to people.  I wonder if I've got Asbergers.  (sp?)

Maybe I'll come back to Earth after all.  I've got some thinking to do first.

(no subject)
 I lied about deleting the journal.
Been sitting on Mars.  Thinking about Dad a lot.  You people still suck.

(no subject)
You know what?  You people SUCK.  Fuck you, channel 4, fuck you, reporter-asshole I don't even know who are, I'm deleting this journal, and then I'm fucking GONE.

I forgot to mention, I'm gonna be on TV tonight!  Some big important Interview with Dr. Manhattan woo-woo, but it should be pretty cool. OMG have I really been doing this 25 years already?  It feels like yesterday! (Sorry-- space-time joke.)   Anyway, it'll be on channel 4 at 8pm and if you're not watching something else, check it out.

ps. Laurie said I have to wear pants.  Whatever.

 You oughta know from me before you read it in the paper, but Laurie and I broke up.  The way we've been drifting apart, it's not like it's a huge surprise.  Nothing surprises me, but she was really mad.  It's just so hard to relate to people-- I don't even know what to do.  Maybe she'll be happy if I write her a poem or make her a planet or.. oh I have no idea.

       She's probably over at Dan's.  Man, I really fucked this up, huh?  *sigh*

Ashes to Ashes
 I went to the Comedian's funeral today.  It's going to be really boring without him around, but I think humanity might be better off without him, you know?  Still, it's sad.  I'm the one left now, huh?

Oh!  And I saw Rorshach. what.. a few days ago?  I'm kind of bad with dates, but you guys know that.

So Rorshach thinks the Comedian was murdered.  He says it's a conspiracy, but then, Rorshach says everything is a conspiracy.  I saw a dead dog!  It's a conspiracy!  There's no pickles on my burger!  It's a conspiracy!  The guy really needs to relax.

Saw Dan too.  Poor dude forgot his umbrella.  Sucks to be him, hehehe.

Still here...
 Whoa.. I haven't updated this thing in a month!  What have I been doing.. um.. mostly work stuff.  Intrinsic fields, alternative energy, you know, the usual.  Hawking still hasn't written back.  Lame.

Haven't been really social much.  People are annoying me lately.  Seriously, I think everyone on this planet is a dumbass sometimes.  Even Laurie gets that sort of glazed-over look when I start telling her about what I'm doing.  Hello, if you don't care about string theory why did you ask "how was your day?"

No one really gets me except for maybe Adrian, but he's kind of a tool.  Plus he's always too busy to talk about particle physics or anything really interesting.

Wow.. that was kind of a downer, huh?  Sorry.  Back to work now.

(no subject)
Hey guys, I changed my user name.  big_blue_wang was funny, but I've kind of outgrown it..  Switch your bookmarks if you care.

As long as I'm doing some housecleaning, I deleted a bunch of people off my friends list.  Nothing personal, but there's soooooo many people that I just don't talk to any more.  If I deleted you and you want to stay, let me know, ok?